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“Open Your Eyes”: The Superb 3D Post-Design Aesthetics by Gerardo Garcia

Gerardo Garcia a young Mexican creative, self-taught in 3D modeling, who is currently studying design.

“I started designing when I was 17 years old, making T-shirts of the bands I liked the most. At 19, the perseverance, the desire, and the time I invested in it led me to take it as a job,” explained Gerardo.

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Although his aesthetic seems established, Gerardo learned 3D modeling driven by his own curiosity and persistence in the medium, ahead of formal studies.

“Wanting to learn different design mediums led me to watch tutorials, courses and exercises found on some site or social network. Don’t be afraid of new tools to work with and experiment daily.”

On how to make a living from what you are passionate about, Gerardo knows that you must take it seriously, “If you take it as a game you can hardly make a living from this. As long as you reinvent yourself and give it your all, you can make it for a long time”.

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