You Will Be Amazed by These Unforgettable Portraits by Laura Rubin – Design You Trust

You Will Be Amazed by These Unforgettable Portraits by Laura Rubin

With so many muscles in the human face, it is no wonder that facial expressions so easily convey a vast array of emotions. While many of them are easy to see, there are subtle micro-expressions which aren’t as easy to spot, or to understand.

Coated in liquid black and often staring directly at the viewer, Laura’s figures are reduced to a frozen portrayal of feelings reflected not only in their expression but in the composition of the pieces as well. By adding these intimate details, the portraits become stories. The shadowed bodies pulls the focus of the viewer towards the captured emotions. The accessories, the flowers, and the use of both grayscale and color in her pieces all provide an exquisite work of art.

More: Lara Rubin, Instagram h/t: beautifulbizarre

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