What Art History Would Look Like If Men And Women Had More Tattoos


Advertising art director Nicolas Amiard has reimagined history with his clever mash-up series called The Art of Tattoo, in which subjects from classic paintings sport modern ink.

h/t: mymodernmet, huffingtonpost


“I’m French,” Amiard said, introducing himself to The Huffington Post over email. “I live in Paris where I’m art director at an advertising agency. As AD, I use Photoshop all day long. That’s how I technically realized these images.”


He explained that his “Art of Tattoo” series consists of full photo-manipulations. He had the idea to mix modern tattoos with classical paintings because, in his words, “I like tattoos” and mixing opposed things.


“That’s why I thought it was time to create this series,” he concluded.


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