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Emerging Artist Chases Her Dreams By Painting Wild Scenes Of Horses

Young, Arkansas artist, Olivia Lee Hiller, is chasing her wildest dreams as she paints energizing horses emerging from the abstract. Though it was Olivia’s dream to be an artist since she could remember, Olivia has only been painted for a year! “I started painting in 2021 and immediately I was addicted to the creation process.” Within 5 months time, Olivia had created over 100 paintings and still continues to paint at a rapid pace. She believes painting prolifically is one of the best ways to grow quickly.

More: Olivia Lee Hiller, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Though Olivia had not regularly painted previously, she had already accumulated quite the skills in drawing. She was top of the class in every art program she participated in and won awards for her work; even into college, she proved to have a higher skill set than the majority of her class. But there was one thing stopping her from really pushing herself to become a painter.

“I was afraid of colors. I loved them, but I was scared of them. I had been told since I was a kid that it was not possible to make a living as an artist, but I thought my skills in drawing would prove myself to be one. I was afraid of painting because if I made a bad painting, it would prove that I really couldn’t be an artist.”

It wasn’t until halfway through college when she suddenly had to quit her job that she remembered her childhood dream of being an artist, but more than that- a painter.

At the beginning of 2021, Olivia finally invested in oil paints, canvases, a large easel, and converted the guest room into a studio. Though she attended art classes in college, she credits her learning to researching artists online and learning from artists on Youtube, Instagram, or purchasing courses and workshops from artists she admired. It wasn’t before long that Olivia started to establish herself in the community with her work and sell her paintings.

Olivia is still furiously at work in her home studio, producing new paintings every week. This year, as she progresses in her art, Olivia plans to participate in art shows around the country and share her story of how she is pursuing her dreams.

“Your dreams are worthwhile. Otherwise, they wouldn’t consume us so much. Don’t let fear step in between you and your life’s calling.”

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