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Either 9-5 Job Or Tattooing, This Artist Made The Right Call

The story of Alican Gorgu is similar to thousands of others, yet it’s also unique. He started doodling and drawing pictures on margins back in high-school and later dove into the graffiti scene. And after school he did what many others have – he went on to get a college degree and majored in photography. Up to that point, everything seemed to be going well, until he started working a 9-5 job in his field, and realized that he can’t stand it… He endured it for only three months and then quit.

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Alican then found himself in a tattoo studio where he worked as a shop assistant for almost three years. He couldn’t believe that his drawings could bring money, so shut himself into work and developed the skills. Yet he still needed something to earn a living, so then he decided that he “was either going to get a 9-5 or dedicate [himself] to tattooing”.

Since then Alican connected his college degree with his passion. He started drawing poster shots of his beloved movies and after the works were recognized by several tattoo artists, he even managed to transfer his retro minimal sketches on to people’s skin.

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