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Hyper-Realistic Artworks Of Cats That Are Hard To Believe Aren’t Photographs By A Japanese Artist

As much as it’s hard to believe, these mind-blowingly realistic images are not photographs but hand-drawn pencil drawings.

This art style is called hyperrealism and you’ve probably seen it as at first glance, it resembles a high-resolution photograph but after you take a closer look and focus on details, you realize that it’s actually a drawing. Hyperrealism requires an incredible amount of work, skill, and patience but the result is definitely worth all of this!

More: Instagram, Twitter h/t: boredpanda

Meet the 18-year-old Japanese artist Haruki Kudo, also known as kudoharu125 to his 2,589 followers on his Instagram account, who creates incredibly realistic animal portraits that will seriously make you question whether they are not real photographs. Haruki only uses colored pencils but most of his drawings look way too good to have been done by hand.

“I started drawing about two years ago and I was fascinated by the fun” – the artist told Bored Panda.

Though the artist draws all kinds of animals, from eagles to dogs, it’s his hyperrealistic drawings of cats that really stand out. Maybe it’s all because of his love for cats and other felines? Oh, and of course, the level of detail really fascinates!

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