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“Geometric Variants”, An Optical Illusion Photography Project By Erika Zolli

Known for its surreal and dreamlike vision, Erika Zolli’s photography combines the compositional force of abstraction with the emotional power of magical realism, leading those who look to a very particular and completely new aesthetic.

In “Geometric Variants” project, the photographer plays on the geometric relationship between man and space. If in the previous work, “Surreal Arabesque”, she had shown the extravagance of the imagery through a strong color saturation, in this new project, however, we come back to pure minimalism, already visible from the sole choice of black and white.

The relationship between subject and space in “Geometric Variants” has a strong visual impact, accentuated by the scenario of repeated monochrome shapes that create a geometrically psychic atmosphere. In this series of images the space is represented by multiple geometric shapes that represent the “variants”, and here the subject tunes to a certain area in the variation sector.

“The whole project is inspired by the theory of variants. It shows how the energy of man’s thoughts ends up in a field of space around it, called the space of variants, giving rise to the material realization of the variant itself. In “Geometric Variants” are represented: space, intended as a background made up of repeated geometric shapes, the subject and the creation of the variant date, represented by the union between the subject and his choice of how and where to position himself in relation to space,” she says.

More info: Erika Zolli, Facebook, Instagram

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