This Artist Started Micro Crocheting As An Experiment, And Now She Creates Tiny Animals And Plants Using Needle And Thread – Design You Trust

This Artist Started Micro Crocheting As An Experiment, And Now She Creates Tiny Animals And Plants Using Needle And Thread

These crochet animals and plants are sure to be the cutest little things you’ll see today! Not only are they adorable, they are also extremely tiny! Artist Lucia created this wonderful series of macro animals and plants, and she also shares her knit and crochet designs with her followers.

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“I started creating micro crochet just as an experiment, the idea came to my mind, I thought it would not take much time to make it. Of course, it takes a lot of time but continued creating the small things.

Then there was the moment when I went down to 0.35 mm sewing thread and micro crochet hook. When someone asked me for a 4.4 mm memory bear, first I thought it was impossible, but I agreed to make it. And I made it and then I came down to a 1 mm owl, the smallest in my collection. For now.

Mostly people ask me: Can you make it as small as possible? In such a way, this micro art came into my life step by step.

I get inspiration from my inner world and the love for animals and the process. When I am making a micro panda, for example, I really love this panda and I wish to make it as cool as possible,” an artist told Bored Panda.

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