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Longboard Combined with Stroller Makes Travel Fun for Both Kids and Parents


Stroller company Quinny invented a different kind of baby carriage, called the Longboardstroller, that allows both parents and children to have fun on-the-go. As the name suggests, it’s part longboard and part stroller.


The back part of the product features a longboard where parents can stand and kick to propel themselves forward, while the front displays a comfortable stroller for kids to safely be seated for the ride. With this clever combination, moms and dads can now travel faster than they normally would on foot with an ordinary stroller.


Besides offering a fun experience, Quinny’s main goal is to progressively promote the movement of families in cities in an eco-friendly fashion. Longboardstroller is also collapsable, so it’s easy to carry around if you decide to take a break from your adventures. This streamlined, efficient experience ultimately allows families to spend more time together as they explore the world around them.


The Longboardstroller costs 599€ (about $643). To find out more about purchasing the device, take a look at Quinny’s website.


Via My Modern Met, Fubiz

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