From Amazing To Downright Scary, These 69 Design Decisions In Soviet Apartment Buildings In Lithuania Are Far From Boring – Design You Trust

From Amazing To Downright Scary, These 69 Design Decisions In Soviet Apartment Buildings In Lithuania Are Far From Boring

Anyone who’s ever visited a post-soviet country would’ve probably noticed some dull and depressing Eastern Bloc apartment buildings. Designed solely for one purpose—to put a roof over the heads of as many residents as possible, as quickly as possible—these buildings are definitely not the greatest example of charming architecture.

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However, the people who lived behind the iron curtain learned to make the most of what they had, and that included decorating the yards and hallways of these hideous apartment blocks. However, creativity and taste don’t always go hand in hand. While we would like to say take a look at these amazing, mesmerizing, wonderful gardens and hallways, all we can actually say is look at these… quirky gardens and hallways. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all of them because there’s some amazing ideas in this list as well. But mostly… well, we really don’t want to get your hopes up.

Created on Christmas Eve back in 2018, the Facebook group Laiptinių puošimo grupė has over 3.5k members now. The group description says that it welcomes everyone who takes care of the decor of hallways and gardens in apartment buildings.

The group Laiptinių puošimo grupė was founded by Giedre Viliulyte, who is still an admin, and her dad, Giedrius Viliulis (yes, they both have the same name and it’s adorable!). When it was created, Giedre and her dad shared photos of beautifully decorated hallways among their neighbors. However, after Giedrius deleted his Facebook account, his daughter decided to attract more members to the group—and succeeded!

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