Scary, But Insanely Appealing: The Superb 3 D Art by Maarten Verhoeven – Design You Trust

Scary, But Insanely Appealing: The Superb 3 D Art by Maarten Verhoeven

Maarten Verhoeven is a freelance artist from Belgium, mostly working with 3d models. If you look around Verhoeven’s work at a glance, it immediately becomes clear – he is madly in love with horror, and therefore almost 100% of the time he devotes exclusively to the dark characters of mass culture and not only it.

Verhoeven’s portfolio includes Lovecraftian monsters, Nosferatu, and just about everything in between. At the same time, the monsters created by the artist himself are not inferior to the classics in creepiness and elaborated images – take a look and see for yourself.

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