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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Recreating Terrible Amateur Art, Here Are The Weirdest Entries

Lately, Facebook groups have been gaining more and more attention from the general public with such collectives as people role-playing ants exploding on the internet. One of the groups that recently gained an influx of attention is “Terrible Art in Charity Shops,” where people share various questionable art pieces they find at charity shops or similar establishments.

However, as the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay home and wander charity shops less, the group’s activity saw a decrease until someone had a genius idea. One person decided to try and recreate the art posted on the page, prompting a new, hilarious trend that not only brought the page back to life, but also sent its activity stats skyrocketing.

“The group was started back in 2017 by myself and Laura (we are old school friends!)” Becky Gouverneur, a group administrator explained to Bored Panda. “Laura had posted a photo she’d taken of some terrible art in a charity shop on her private Facebook page, it went crazy and got hundreds of comments, I spotted it and suggested she make a group… and it went from there!”

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Becky also provided some background on how the trend of recreating the art first started: “When lockdown began across the world, the group interactions dropped dramatically as most of the charity shops had closed. We were a bit worried about the group, which had been so active until then. Then, one day, a member called Ceri Ashton asked if she was allowed to post a ‘recreation’ of a post from the group. Matt and Ann (two of our key admins) mulled it over for a couple of hours. We are normally quite strict about what we let in as we don’t want the group to become swamped with all those kitsch statues of ladies dancing or awful cat plates…. The group was originally aimed at awful paintings or drawings by amateur artists (this is also something I’m really keen on as I’m an artist myself) and we try to keep true to that original vision. In the end, Matt and Ann thought ‘what the hell, only a few of them will be bothered to join in so what harm can it do?’ and the group had become so quiet during lockdown they thought it would provide some entertainment… little did they know! None of us expected the reaction we got!”

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