“Liquid Colors”: The Superb Colorful and Surreal Collages by Farid Sukuro – Design You Trust

“Liquid Colors”: The Superb Colorful and Surreal Collages by Farid Sukuro

According to an artist: “I am Fred from LearnFromFred.com, and I have been teaching people Photoshop and how to create beautiful artworks since 2018. In the last 3 years over 30k students have enrolled into my classes. My goal is to teach people how to realize their creative ideas using Photoshop.”

More: Farid Sukuro, Instagram h/t: beyondphotography

“I never planned to become an artist or do anything even close to that, I even thought that it is a bit foolish since I didn’t see a career path in art. But it all happened by itself, I started creating images out of boredom as a hobby and slowly transformed into a profession,” Farid told Beyond Photography.

“My favourite technique is probably Smudging (Smudge Tool). It helps to make objects liquid and stretch them, gives the artwork painting look.”

“I think Photoshop is a separate medium, probably as most people call it “Photomanipulation”, not an image, neither graphic design nor a painting. It is a mix of everything.”

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