“Retric Dreams”: The Superb Synthwave Inspired Artworks in Dark Neon by Maximilian Auer

According to Maximilian, a digital artist based in Ludwigsburg, Germany: “This is my personal exploration in digital art. Heavily inspired by synthwwave & music in general, I aim to capture fleeting, somewhat dreamlike, nighttime moments, which could be just around the corner but still feel miles away.

Transporting emotions of nostalgia and longing for something distant and yet close, like a memory that comes back up to your mind, is at the core of what I try to achieve with every new artwork I create.

I am excited to take on new challenges and create unique, meaningful worlds & visuals. Let it be graphics, animations, shortfilms or music videos.”

More: Maximilian Auer, Retric Dreams, Instagram, SuperRare, MakersPlace

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