Polish Artist Designs Shoсking Ads Of Major Companies That Show The Harsh Reality

According to Igor Dobrowolski: “My name is Igor Dobrowolski and I’m a Polish artist. Recently, I designed my own version of the real advertisement. Corporations like Nestlé and Unilever profit wildly from single-use plastic packaging while peddling the myth of recycling as a solution. But anyone who has thought seriously about the issue can see that recycling could never handle the amount of plastic surrounding our everyday life.”

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“Also, don’t forget that plastic is itself created from fossil fuels and lobbied for by the fossil fuel industry, while they desperately try to maintain the single-use plastic status quo instead of tackling the problem at the source. Only by stopping the production of single-use plastics can this crisis be addressed.”

“Years of scientific investigation have given us a clear understanding of what’s causing climate change and how humans are contributing. It works like this: certain gases in the atmosphere — like carbon dioxide — create what’s called the greenhouse effect, trapping in heat and regulating the Earth’s temperature.”

“Burning fossil fuels releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide. While not the most potent greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is by far the most emitted by human activities.”

“More greenhouse gases in the atmosphere mean a more intense greenhouse effect, causing the Earth to keep getting warmer. There’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than there’s been in the past 150,000 years. We’re also learning more about the impacts of climate change, many of which have serious consequences for humans and wildlife.”

“The devastating impacts of climate change are clear. Our world is warmer than ever before, and people and wildlife are already suffering the consequences. But that’s nothing compared to what we’re leaving future generations if these trends continue. It’s time to stop the destruction. It’s time for an energy revolution.”

“Fossil fuels — coal, oil and, natural gas — are major contributors to climate change, accounting for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions.”

“They’re also one of the main culprits polluting our air, water, and soil. Coal-burning power plants, for example, produce millions of tons of toxic sludge every year, and we’re stilling reeling from the impacts of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill that rocked the Gulf of Mexico.”

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