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Guardians of Ukraine: NFT Collection of Ukrainian Soldiers Who Are Fighting for Freedom & Peace


A collection of 5,000 brave Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting for our freedom & peace. Created by Sasha Beytler and Bogdan Kovganchuk, two Ukrainians living in the US.

Money collected from selling the collection will be transferred to humanitarian aid for the people who are suffering from this unfair and terrible war. Glory to Ukraine!

More: Guardians of Ukraine, Twitter, Sasha Beytler, Bogdan Kovganchuk


Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine. You can donate right now:

Donate page on the URCS website:
iRaiser platform
(in Ukraine) SMS to the number 88033 Vodafone. The cost of a charity SMS is UAH 20.

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