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This Artist Revamps Street Signs All Over The World To Give Them Alternative Meaning

Street art is a unique form of art as it is often an expression of someone’s opinion or reaction to ongoing events. It is also different from traditional painting because the environment has to be part of the art and the artwork cannot usually be transported from one gallery to another.

Usually when we think of street art we imagine a wall or the ground as the canvas for expression. But French street artist Clet Abraham, who is based in Florence, Italy, chose to join his art with street signs and the results are quite interesting.

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Clet Abraham studied art at the Fine Arts Academy in France. Before he moved to Florence and opened his studio, the artist restored antique furniture and was a carpenter.

“I don’t want an art for learned professors but instead for those who do not usually compare with culture. Road signs are also the symbol of a constant presence of authority, we are in a democracy and I think we must have the opportunity to question the rules, to discuss them, with the ambition of being able to improve them. I mean, we’re not just here to obey,” he told Bored Panda.

“I claim the concept of improving road signs, people look much more at them in my work, creating empathy instead of rejection of authoritarian and obtuse character. I think there is an educational character in my work that could also be of use to road safety,” he added.

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