“Where Do You Go When You Dream?”: The Superb Dreamy Artworks of Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza – Design You Trust

“Where Do You Go When You Dream?”: The Superb Dreamy Artworks of Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza

Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza is an illustrator and concept artist based in Madrid. He holds a BA in Design from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has worked as a freelance illustrator since, developing changes and evolving his style whilst trying to express his own vision of the world through his art. While studying design, Pablo developed an interest in negative space and graphic elements, which ended up shaping his illustration style. His work can be distinguished by the use of visual metaphors and modern graphic language mixed with a more traditional sense of art. Thematically, he explores issues from urban spaces and contemporary life, in both a physical and psychological context.

After finishing his studies, he started working at a local art school (ESDIP) teaching illustration. Currently, he complements his work as a teacher with freelance commissions for publishers, advertising agencies and individuals. Collaborating with national and international companies such as Awaken Realms, United Make, 09h29 Artspace Studio, Coca-Cola ES, VOLTA Creation or Capcom.

Pablo is also working on personal illustration projects, some of which you can find here or in his social media.

More: Pablo Hurtado de Mendoza, Artstation, Instagram, Behance

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