Indonesian Artist Dhany Pramata Creates Comics That Most 80s-90s Kids Will Relate To – Design You Trust

Indonesian Artist Dhany Pramata Creates Comics That Most 80s-90s Kids Will Relate To

Using Texting Abbreviations

Indonesian artist Dhany Pramata creates comics that most 80s/90s kids will relate to. Dhany Pramata, an Indonesian artist reflects upon his childhood days with nostalgic and funny illustrations. I find some of these comics extremely relatable and if you are an 80s/90s kid, you might find them relatable too.

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The Family Always Got Together To Watch The Soap Operas

Jumping On A Pile Of Sand

Listening To Music On A Cassette Tape And Following The Lyrics

Falling Asleep Anywhere And Waking Up In Bed

The Right Way To Use A Clip

Opening Cupboards With Your Feet

Getting Letters Written On Paper

Testing The Things Around You

Thinking About Running Away From Home After An Argument With Your Parents

Nobody Wanted Their Schoolwork To Be On Top Of The Pile On The Teacher’s Desk

Anything Could Be A Monster

The Perfect Hiding Place

Trying To Get Some Fruit From A Tree

Do You Recognize Any Of These

Going To McDonald’s Felt Like A Celebration

Pure Satisfaction

Exploring Your Capabilities And Experimenting With Ordinary Things

Being Scared After A Night’s Session Of Ghost Stories

Turning A Sewing Machine Into A Cart

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