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“Little Mermaid” Smeared In Red In Protest Against Whaling In Copenhagen

The vandalism of Copenhagen’s world famous statue of the Little Mermaid made a splash on Tuesday, as the sea-side sculpture was drenched in blood-red paint.

h/t: cgtn

An unsigned message was left on the stone pier, just a few meters from the statue. “Danmark defend whales of the Faroe Islands” was written in red, suggesting the defacement of the sculpture was carried out in protest against whaling.

The red paint was removed before noon and the spot turned back to its normal state. Police say they have no suspect, and no group has claimed responsibility for the act.

June marks the beginning of whale hunting season, which stretches till November and sees scores of pilot whales slaughtered off the shores of Faroe Islands. Last month, environmental activists urged the European Commission to take action against Denmark on such practice.

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