Stunning Autochrome Portraits of Women Taken by Alfonse Van Besten From the Early 20th Century – Design You Trust

Stunning Autochrome Portraits of Women Taken by Alfonse Van Besten From the Early 20th Century


Alfonse Van Besten (1865–1926) was a painter and took full advantage of the possibilities of the new color process. One can see that many of his autochromes were taken with a “painterly eye” e.g. Musing (Mrs.Van Besten) and Symphony in white. It was evident that he had a very good sense of composition.



During the First World War he was a refugee in Holland. Together with his friend A. Van Son, another Belgian autochromist and refugee, they gave countless lectures at Dutch photography societies. They were praised for their excellent autochrome work, e.g. on the 16th of April 1915 the photographic society “Meer Licht” from Nymegen paid an homage to Van Besten for his outstanding autochrome plates.


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