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Before The Internet: Here’s What A Publishing Company’s Office Space Looked Like In The Mid-1980s

The July 1986 issue of a color computing magazine called Rainbow offers some dynamite photographs of life in a publishing company’s office space. The fashions, the computers, the decor — it’s an 80s wonder to behold.

It doesn’t really matter what office space this is; it’s enough just to gaze upon it. But for those interested, this is the Falsoft publishing building. The business started small in 1981 as a local Kentucky color computing rag printed on a dot matrix printer. The magazine Rainbow grew rapidly over the next few years, and branched into PCM magazine “The Personal Computing Magazine for Tandy Users”, and VCR “The Home Video Monthly magazine”.

Anyway, here’s a look inside where the magic happened…

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Now that’s what I call a board room. The white leather chairs are classy, but even better are the ample supply of ashtrays.

The board room is fine, but we all know the real work gets done right here at the secretary’s desk. Note that, although this is the office of a computing magazine, typewriters are still alive and well.

“Can you please leave me be. I’m trying to get some work done.”

The lady in the striped sweater is not even trying to hide the fact that she’s eavesdropping on the gossip.

The relationship began in the reception area, looking over Glenda’s draft…. and it just sort of went from there.

Falsoft Publishing was pretty progressive in its dress code. If a dude wanted to wear pumps, he could wear pumps.

Hey, wait. Are those the same white shoes?

Clearly, white pumps were the “in” footwear at Falsoft.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Willoughby. We’re going to have to let you go.”

Sweet Nike high tops.

Stare in awe upon the glory of Super VGA monitors. The future is now!

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