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Beautiful Winning Images of the 2022 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest

Here are some of the top images in the global photography competition which attracted more than 100,000 entries from 196 different countries and territories. The competition is divided into six categories: people and nature, landscape, water, wildlife, climate, and plants and fungi.

Grand prize winner. Branching Out by Li Ping, China
On either side of a highway in Tibet, gullies formed by rainwater erosion span out like a tree. Photograph: Li Ping/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

More: The Nature Conservancy, Instagram h/t: guardian

Honourable mention – people and nature. The Passage of the Mayan Train by Francesca Franchini, Mexico
The jungle of the Yucatán peninsula protects a great biodiversity of species. The Mayan Train will be built here, affecting the best preserved jungle in Mexico. Photograph: Francesca Franchini/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022.

Honourable mention – landscape. Mangrove Tree by Waluya Priya Atmaja, Indonesia
This photo was taken in Lamongan, East Java at sunset. Mangroves were planted to reduce the impact of abrasion around this area. Photograph: Waluya Priya Atmaja/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – wildlife. Himebotaru by Masahiro Hiroike, Japan
‘Himebotaru’ is a small firefly that lives in the forest and emits a short and powerful light like a flash. This photo was shot with a single shutter, 60-second exposure time and no compositing. When a firefly passes near the camera, it becomes a big bokeh. Photograph: Masahiro Hiroike/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Guest judge Ami Vitale’s winner. An Unforgiving Kingdom by Shafeeq Mulla, Zambia
A leopard known as Olimba carries the carcass of a female vervet monkey with its baby still hanging on for dear life in South Luangwa national park in Zambia. Photograph: Shafeeq Mulla/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – plants and fungi. Crocus Wave by Tibor Litauszki, Hungary
Crocuses in the twilight. The crocuses were lit with a flashlight from behind. The undulating effect is due to the long shutter speed and the movement of the camera. Photograph: Tibor Litauszki/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – climate. It’s Dry and Dangerous Out West by Jassen Todorov, US
This image portrays the devastation caused by the Dixie fire, California’s largest single wildfire. Photograph: Jassen Todorov/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Celebrity judge Coyote Peterson’s winner. Breastfeeding in Town by Florian Ledoux, Norway
A female polar bear breastfeeds her two cubs in the harbour of the abandoned Russian settlement of Pyramiden. Photograph: Florian Ledoux/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – water. Sea Waves by Dasun Nirmala Malaarachchi, Australia
Bluewater, golden sand, white foam mixed with bright sunlight paints gorgeous design under the Sea Cliff bridge in New South Wales. Photograph: Dasun Nirmala Malaarachchi/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – wildlife. Stalking by Fabio Saltarelli, Argentina
An elephant seal defends her calf from the stalking of a striated caracara in the Falkland Islands. Photograph: Fabio Saltarelli/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

First place – climate. Lizards and Windmills by Sandesh Kadur, India
A vibrant fan-throated lizard (Sarada superba) stands guard over his territory. This lizard was photographed in the Chalkewadi plateau in Satara district, which is the site of one of the largest windfarms in this region of Maharashtra. Photograph: Sandesh Kadur/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

First place – landscape. Adi by Francisco Javier Munuera González, Spain
The slope of Mount Adi in Navarra, Spain. Photograph: Francisco Javier Munuera González/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – people and nature. Faith Above Everything by Amish Jain, India
A man stands in freezing-cold water waiting for Sun God to arrive during the Chhath Puja festival. Photograph: Amish Jain/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

Honourable mention – wildlife. The Battle by Rick Dowling, US
Eagles fight over a piece of salmon in Alaska. Photograph: Rick Dowling/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

First place – plants and fungi. Ghost Mushrooms by Callie Chee, Australia
Nicknamed ‘ghost mushrooms’ due to its eerie green glow, the scientific names of these bioluminescent mushrooms are Omphalotus nidiformis. The glow is visible to the naked eye in complete darkness. They are found in certain forests in Australia. Photograph: Callie Chee/Courtesy TNC Photo Contest 2022

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