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This Artist Decided To Create Illustrations Showing How Some Popular Cartoon Characters Would Look As Adults

Eliza Thornberry From Wild Thornberrys

How many of you have watched cartoons with never-aging personages and wished you could be like them and stay young forever? Series after series, our beloved characters go on so many adventures without worrying about getting old. Well, at least until Jorn Siberian comes their way!

Jorn is an artist who decided to create illustrations showing how some popular cartoon characters would look as adults. We believe you are very curious to see the results, so we won’t keep you waiting.

More: Artstation, DeviantArt, Instagram, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

Mabel Pines From Gravity Falls

Avatar Aang From Avatar The Last Airbender

Dipper Pines From Gravity Falls

Wirt From Over The Garden Wall

Ash Ketchum From Pokemon

Steven Quartz Universe From Steven Universe

Jimmy Neutron From Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Arnold Shortman From Hey Arnold

Yoh Asakura From Shaman King

Stewie Griffin From Family Guy

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