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Authentic Funny Leap Year Postcards From 1908

1908 Leap Day Postcard 1

Early 20th-century Leap Year postcards often featured gender stereotypes that are absurd in today’s world. For example, in this comic postcard series, women were depicted wielding guns, axes, dogs, nets, and traps to apprehend men, who could be readily enticed with food and beverages (such as beer, cheese, and pretzels) or cash.

Each of these 1908 cards features the Leap Year lemon logo, which probably originated from the 1906–1907 craze in which giving someone a lemon meant “scram,” “beat it,” or, in the vernacular of the time, “skidoo” or “23 skidoo.”


1908 Leap Day Postcard 2
1908 Leap Day Postcard 3
1908 Leap Day Postcard 4
1908 Leap Day Postcard 5
1908 Leap Day Postcard 6
1908 Leap Day Postcard 7
1908 Leap Day Postcard 8
1908 Leap Day Postcard 9
1908 Leap Day Postcard 10
1908 Leap Day Postcard 11
1908 Leap Day Postcard 12

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