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The Tragedy of The Everyday: Tim Sandow’s Cinematic Paintings Depict Imagined Realities Inspired by Film and Photography


Tim Sandow, who is based in Wuppertal, Germany, completed his studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien in 2019.

His artwork, inspired by the mundane scenes of everyday life, often captures characters in the midst of action, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. Sandow’s paintings masterfully blend profound sadness with the trivial aspects of daily existence, reflecting a poignant duality of melancholy and the poetic moments of solitude and silence. Through his work, Sandow portrays the ironic contrast of contemporary life where, despite living in an era of unprecedented wealth and longevity, feelings of anxiety and division are more intense than ever.

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[image] 540295
[image] 597635
[image] 1338647
[image] 1486976
[image] 1558594
[image] 2147377
[image] 2685835
[image] 3085362
[image] 3231499
[image] 3291475
[image] 3305323
[image] 3397475
[image] 3488150
[image] 3651067
[image] 3654569
[image] 4245016
[image] 4344423
[image] 4354334
[image] 4726104
[image] 5062376
[image] 5500134
[image] 5695648
[image] 5946056
[image] 6408926
[image] 6450183
[image] 6793230
[image] 6808463
[image] 7058681
[image] 7116704
[image] 7244162
[image] 7360134
[image] 7666124
[image] 7686727
[image] 7745206
[image] 8183637
[image] 8230063
[image] 8478006
[image] 8653101
[image] 9211373

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