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Artist Puts Famous Characters In Amusing Situations, The Outcome Is Hilarious

Harry Potter vs. Mr. Bean

PixelFaker, the Hungarian artist known for their creative and humorous movie mash-ups, is back with a new batch of film parodies. By taking characters from different motion pictures and placing them in new, unexpected scenarios, PixelFaker is able to create a fresh and entertaining take on familiar films.

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The Shining vs. Ice Age

PixelFaker’s mash-ups often draw attention to the similarities and differences between the films and characters they work with, providing a unique perspective on the original stories. It’s not just entertainment, but also a way to inspire audiences to think about movies in new ways.

Pulp Fiction vs. Wednesday

The artist’s unique approach to film parody has gained a large following, and it’s easy to see why. PixelFaker’s work is not only funny and original, but it also challenges the audience to think about the films in a new light. With their latest batch of mash-ups, PixelFaker once again proves that there’s always room for fresh perspectives on familiar stories.

The Wizard Of Oz vs. Joker

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Mr. Bean vs. Hannibal

Bill And Ted vs. Back To The Future

The Ring vs. Ted

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper vs. Spider-Man

Shrek vs. Jurrasic Park

Groot vs. Mona Lisa

The Exorcist vs. Dirty Dancing

Home Alone vs. Wednesday

Iron Man vs. The Wizard Of Oz

Minions vs. Michael Myers

Indiana Jones vs. Minions

Finding Nemo vs. Freddy Krueger

Ariel vs. Piranha

Toy Story vs. Mr. Bean

Free Willy vs. Finding Dory

John Wick vs. Max

King Kong vs. Gingerbread Man

Hotel Transylvania vs. Blade

Glass vs. Forrest Gump

Demolition Man vs. Ratatouille

Alfred Hitchcock vs. Rio

Godzilla vs. Avatar

Doctor Strange vs. Szeged

Üvegtigris vs. Jay And Silent Bob

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