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Sofa Gladiators: The Superb Conceptual Digital Artworks of Guillem H. Pongiluppi


Based in Barcelona, Guillem H. Pongiluppi is a freelance digital illustrator with 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Specialized in historical research and virtual archeology, Fantasy and Sciencie Fiction. I have worked in Art Direction, as Concept Artist and Matte Painter for preproduction and post-production for Movies and Videogames. Also have a long career as an illustrator in the Board Games and and Book Cover industry.

More: Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Instagram, Artstation

[image] 91720
[image] 98057
[image] 103806
[image] 598520
[image] 625237
[image] 790311
[image] 1026607
[image] 1064674
[image] 2205179
[image] 2356841
[image] 2743618
[image] 2750664
[image] 2760345
[image] 3099258
[image] 3540874
[image] 3582887
[image] 3606109
[image] 3888597
[image] 4113161
[image] 4146939
[image] 4261854
[image] 4422630
[image] 4472837
[image] 4484130
[image] 4736392
[image] 4889959
[image] 5116120
[image] 5148786
[image] 5267413
[image] 5322537
[image] 5508733
[image] 5572115
[image] 6034568
[image] 6164862
[image] 6344856
[image] 6703939
[image] 6750221
[image] 6752900
[image] 6953751
[image] 7122340
[image] 7132717
[image] 7335088
[image] 7353730
[image] 7433815
[image] 7539649
[image] 7674755
[image] 7911194
[image] 7947432
[image] 8217841
[image] 8718854
[image] 8752166
[image] 8822029
[image] 8886882
[image] 9009945
[image] 9029951
[image] 9228850
[image] 9343656
[image] 9374551
[image] 9488985
[image] 9557770
[image] 9627090
[image] 9843456
[image] 9945431

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