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The Photographer Captured Ballerina Anita Pudikova in The Image of The Twins from Atomic Heart, Which She Played in The Game

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Bolshoi Ballet dancer Anita Pudikova revealed that she played one of the sexy robot twins from the game Atomic Heart, and the photographer Alexander Yakovlev captured Anita in the look, which she successfully embodied.

Anita Pudikova is a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, whose movements were the basis for the movements of one of the sexy robot-twins from Atomic Heart. The dancer announced her participation in the project in February 2022, but her name went viral after the game was released.

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Little is known about Anita: judging by the description on the theater’s website, Pudikova was born into a family of artists in Moscow. In 2015, the girl graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography in the class of Irina Prokofieva and was admitted to the Bolshoi Ballet Company. The dancer is currently rehearsing under the direction of Karen Ioannisian.

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“Hello, my name is Anita, and I’m one of those robot twins in Atomic Heart. That’s the only way I’m going to introduce myself from now on.”

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