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Incredible Sculptures Made Out Of Folded Paper Inspired By The 3D Characters Created In Video Games

British artist John Clark combines pattern making, plotting, and injection moulding to create his unique paper sculptures, each finished with a variety of paints, pigments, and waxes.

The forms began in late 2016 when John created a cardboard model of a man he had painted many times. You could say the inspiration came from his 15 years in the games industry, working as an art director for Sony where he worked on big budget titles like Killzone and Little Big Planet.

Before that, he’d studied at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing, later moving to Scotland to co-found the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and to lecture at Grey’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

More: John Clark, Instagram, Facebook h/t: creativeboom

“The technique used to build these is my own confection, combining pattern making, plotting, and injection moulding. Each sculpture in an edition is handmade and finished with a variety of paints, pigments, and waxes that are applied as if to a canvas.”

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