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Vintage Postcards of Giant Trees in the Early 20th Century

“Giant,” Santa Cruz Big Trees
Vintage Big Trees 1

Ever since the beginning of time, trees have provided us with two necessities for survival: food and oxygen. They supplied us with more needs as we developed, like tools, medicine, and shelter.

As their role grows to meet the needs created by our modern lifestyles, trees’ value is still rising and new benefits are being found.


“Chandelier Tree,” Underwood Park
Vintage Big Trees 2

“The Flat Iron Tree,” Bull Creek Grove
Vintage Big Trees 3

“The Shrine Tree” at River Vista Lodge, Myers, Calif. Dia. 21 ft. Cir. 64 ft. Age 5000 years, on Redwood Highway
Vintage Big Trees 4

52 feet in circumference – Largest tree in Muir Woods Nat’l. Monument, California
Vintage Big Trees 5

A Fallen Monarch
Vintage Big Trees 6

A Giant Redwood in Bull Creek Flat
Vintage Big Trees 7

Arbol del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico
Vintage Big Trees 8

Arbol del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico
Vintage Big Trees 9

At Richardson Grove State Park. Dia. 13.8 ft. Age 1250 yrs. Height 310 ft. 95000 board ft.
Vintage Big Trees 10

Base of “Big Tree” Ht. 345 ft. Cir. 72 ft. Upper Bull Creek Flat on Redwood Highway
Vintage Big Trees 11

Big Tree 127 Ft Hgt, 47 Ft Cir, 17 1/2 Ft Dia, Over 3500 Yrs. – Seminole County Park, Florida
Vintage Big Trees 12

Big Tree Park. The Oldest and Largest Cypress Tree in U.S.A. 126 ft. 3 in. high. 47 ft. in Circumference. 3500 Years Old. Sanford, Seminole County, Florida
Vintage Big Trees 13

California Tree – King’s Canyon National Park, California
Vintage Big Trees 14

Drive through the Redwood Shrine tree at Myers, Redwood Highway
Vintage Big Trees 15

Drive Thru Tree at Underwood Park on Redwood Highway
Vintage Big Trees 16

Fraternal Monarch “Quadruped Tree,” Cir. 92 ft, Lilley Redwook Park
Vintage Big Trees 17

General Pershing Tree, Big Tree Park
Vintage Big Trees 18

Largest known Myrtle Tree in the world. 97 ft. spread, Coos Co, Ore.
Vintage Big Trees 19

Parte del tronco del Arbol Del Tule. Sta. Maria Del Tule Oax. Mexico
Vintage Big Trees 20

The “Boy Scout Tree” near Crescent City. Cir. 94 ft.
Vintage Big Trees 21

The “Chandelier Tree” at Underwood Park on Redwood Highway
Vintage Big Trees 22

The “Elephant Tree” Trees of Mystery Park – Redwood Highway, California
Vintage Big Trees 23

The “Octopus Tree,” Redwood Highway (a spruce over a redwood)
Vintage Big Trees 24

The Big Birch, East Northfield, Mass.
Vintage Big Trees 25

The Room Tree, Sequoia Nat’l. Park, California
Vintage Big Trees 26

The Witch Tree – 17 Mile Drive, California
Vintage Big Trees 27

Turnip Rock, Point Aux Barques
Vintage Big Trees 28

Undercut of a 12 ft Washington Douglas Fir Tree
Vintage Big Trees 29

Wawona Big Tree – Yosemite
Vintage Big Trees 30

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