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Total Strangers Who Could Actually Be Identical Twins


Amongst the annals of fiction and folklore, a “doppelgänger” is considered to be the paranormal double of a living person. We’re not talking twins either, we’re talking about individuals who could be from different cultures, countries and bloodline that bare a startling resemblance to your own physical appearance.


62-Year old Canadian photographer François Brunelle has revealed that such strange occurrences of double identity really do happen in his new photographic series I’m Not a Look-Alike.


We say “new” in truth it’s taken him a staggering 12 years to track down and their pair individuals who appear almost identical in appearance.


“The project is about sharing the passion that I have for the likeliness in people. It allows me to concentrate on the face of my subjects and bring the spectator to a close encounter with them. Some of them are from the same city, others from different countries, different cultures.”, he explains.


“I am fascinated by the fact that a man born and raised in Hungary would bear a strong resemblance to a person born and raised in Canada. Or that a couple, living together just look like brother and sister.”


You’ll be pleased to know that François’s quest to complete his series is still continuing. He’s currently looking around the world for those final few curious examples to complete his portrait series, so if you know someone who is your doppelgänger, why not get in touch?


His aim, once he completes the series is to “Find a museum willing to exhibit the 200 photos of look-alikes taken by me since 2000.”. Whichever gallery has the honour of displaying his work, it will certainly make for one fascinating exhibition.


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