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Frozen Masterpieces: Pasi Widgren’s Magical Animal Art on Lake Lapakisto


Pasi Widgren, a resident of the Finnish city of Lahti, showcases his artistic talent each year by etching intricate animal figures onto the icy surface of Lake Lapakisto. Armed with a simple shovel, he has already brought to life the enchanting forms of an owl, a fox, and a bear in previous years.

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This time, Widgren has unveiled a stunning depiction of a deer, adding another masterpiece to his frozen gallery.

“The curious observers will have the opportunity to witness the artwork during the morning hours, before the evening snowfall,” the author stated, inviting everyone to behold the transient beauty of his creation.

daboljuu_263285249_310386920935154_5886874769212315949_nFrozen Masterpieces: Pasi Widgren’s Magical Animal Art on Lake Lapakisto

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