“Watcher On The Lane”: Absolutely Breathtaking Digital Sci-Fi Masterpieces Of Col Price

Col Price is a freelance concept artist and art director currently working in the film, television and game industry. His list of past video game titles include Wipeout Fusion, Battlefield, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Apocalypse.

“Your eyes and your gut. Trust them both. They are better than any software out there. If it looks wrong, change it. If it looks right, leave it even if coders say it can’t exist. I do have a sketch book, but to be honest it’s all digital these days. You need that for the fast turnaround of today’s studio life. You need to get at least one finished concept a day out the door, and by that I mean (for example) the work of mine you’re showing today. These are all done in a few hours and you need that speed and confidence if you’re going to survive,” he said.

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