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Plastic Poop Alert: Bondi Beach Brings a Whole New Meaning to ‘Beach Bum’


Well, well, well, look what the waves dragged onto Bondi Beach in Sydney – a massive 4-meter long poop…of plastic garbage! Geez, that’s a whole lot of crap! In fact, it’s pretty close to the amount of junk that gets dumped into the world’s oceans every 30 seconds.

But fear not my beach-loving friends, because the Better Packaging Co has a message for us all: stop shitting and start recycling your trash already! Otherwise, we’ll end up with a big pile of you-know-what up to our ears. And let’s face it, that’s not exactly a pleasant sight. So let’s do our part and keep our beaches clean, okay?

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“There is enough plastic in the world – the problem is that it doesn’t get collected or recycled, and eventually ends up in our oceans because it has no perceived value,” said Rebecca Percasky, co-founder of Better Packaging Co. “As new plastic is so cheap and convenient the plastic we’ve already created just gets discarded.”


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