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‘World’s Worst’ Waxworks Collection Sold

Louis Tussauds House of Wax in the English seaside town of Great Yarmouth had been quietly disappointing customers for over 50 years when it rose to prominence in 2008 after being labelled “the world’s worst waxworks.” The museum shut down last year after owners June and Peter Hayes retired, but this month the collection of unlife-like models of stars, athletes and royalty found a new home when they were snapped up by an anonymous buyer from the Czech Republic. The waxwork heads above, if you haven’t already guessed, are of ’70s heartthrobs and “Starsky and Hutch” actors Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul. Of course they are. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Sean Connery as James Bond
This over-baked rendering of Secret Agent 007 is a case where they really should have said, “Never, never again.” (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean
Comedy series “Mr Bean” had people laughing around the world in the early ’90s — but we don’t remember it ever being as funny as this waxwork. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson changed his appearance many times over his career — but does anyone remember him sporting this look? (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

The Beatles
The Fabricated Four really aren’t in such great shape here. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
These aren’t the looks that bagged Prince William the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Charles, Prince of Wales
That said, his father isn’t looking great either. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Diana, Princess of Wales
This sorry-looking wax head is definitely not a fitting tribute to the much-loved English princess. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Victoria and David Beckham
These models of fashion guru Victoria Beckham and her footballer husband David must have been made around 2000 or 2001, judging by the haircuts. Definitely a case for impoundment by the fashion police. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Joan Collins
Joan Collins thrilled audiences around the world in the 1980s as the villainous Alexis Colby in the TV series “Dynasty.” She doesn’t look too thrilled here, though. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Adolf Hitler
An alarming depiction of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Benito Mussolini
An equally worrying model of Hitler’s Italian ally, Benito Mussolini. (Rex Features: Albanpix Ltd)

Credits: MSN News

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