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Fantastic-looking Custom Made Steampunk Bullet Shell Chess


According to an author: “First, note the quarter placed in the images for a size reference. The board for this set was made from jointed pieces of Red Oak.”


“Individual chambers were made for each .50 caliber bullet shell chess piece. Antique watch gears and hands adorn the sides of the board. Intricate wood burning details are found all over the set. Each set will have its own unique artwork. Holes were bored into the sides and gears were set inside. You can make general requests if you like, and I will do my best to integrate them into my work. While etsy only has space for 5 images, I have shown the best angles I can.”


“Antique typewriter parts were used for the retaining rails to hold the pieces in. ( Your set may have a different part for the retaining rails, and it may have two rails per side.) The retaining rails are hinged to allow access to pieces. A custom made pin catch/ hasp locks the rail in place. The entire set is clear coated. The board has been dark weathered to give a unique rustic appearance.”


“All shell brass is tumble cleaned and individually inspected before use. Made from used/spent .50 caliber BMG bullet shells, the light side is wire brushed brass, and the dark side is weathered/ black painted brass. Cuts, bends and curls give each piece their proper designation. All pieces are then clear coated.”


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