Hungarian Artist Creates Detailed Steampunk Spiders Out of Various Mechanical Parts

Hungarian artist Peter Szucsy has a very unusual yet fascinating hobby – he assembles all kinds of mechanical parts from vintage watches, cameras, and medical equipment into intricate steampunk spider sculptures.

More: Peter Szucsy, Instagram, Facebook h/t: odditycentral

Peter Szucsy has worked as an art director, creating all kinds of virtual creatures and monsters for video games, but one day he decided to start bringing some of these figments of his imagination into the real world as well. Every week, he heads to a flea market near his home in Budapest, where he looks for all kinds of vintage mechanical parts he can use to create his menagerie of steampunk spiders.

“I have made many creatures, monsters, create several world in almost all of the style in the virtual world,” Szucsy wrote on his website. “But few years ago I felt it is about time to create something different. So… I left my computer, and made lots of my ideas come alive in the real world.”

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