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Spectacular Winning Images of The International Portrait Photographer of the Year 2023

Photographers of all skill levels have taken part in the competition, with Forough Yavari taking out the overall winning spot with her work Salvation.

Salvation by overall winner Forough Yavari of Australia. Born in Iran during the Iranian revolution, her work focuses on the narrative behind the lives of women. Photograph: Forough Yavaori

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Mother Goose
Actor Ian McKellen in his West End dressing room as he prepares to perform the character of Mother Goose in a pantomime of the same name. Photograph: Frederic Aranda

Beck Brothers
Alfred and Paul Beck took over the family printing business at the ages of 17 and 14 respectively. The brothers stand among the machinery that has passed down from generation to generation, reflecting the close bond between the two men. Alfred died late last year. Photograph: Joseph Smith

Destroy Together
The Spring festival is a major Chinese festival. In Deqing County, Zhaoqing, on the 15th day of the first lunar month, people take turns lighting firecrackers and throwing ‘lions’ until the lions are blown to pieces, praying for peace in all seasons and abundant grain. Photograph: Haikun Liang

Sonia Herstandez at Home in Havana
I walked past Sonia’s home in Havana and she was happy to let me come in and photograph her. I loved the old furniture and decorations. Photograph: Jo Kearney

Malevi: Diversity in Beauty
The bugs represent all those who bullied her physically and mentally throughout her life. In the portrait, she is undisturbed by them, almost unaware of their existence. This is Malevi conquering her demons and proudly showcasing her inner and outer beauty.Photograph: Elena Paraskeva

For Divine Blessings
Dondi is an extreme kind of religious practice in India. The people who practice dondi are revered and it is believed that if the newborns are brought in contact with the performers, the kids will be cured of their ailments. Photograph: Debdatta Chakraborty

Agadez Touareg
This is a specific war outfit from the Touareg in Agadez, Niger – today only used for touristic purposes.Photograph: David Dhaen

Persecution of the Kings
In ancient times, being a king was not an easy task. Persecutions and even executions were not uncommon. Often, these stemmed from differing religious beliefs and values. During Carnevale, Venice becomes a real-life theatrical stage, and many of these historical costumes carry deep perspectives.Photograph: Robin Yong

Lockdown Self-portrait
This image attempts to capture the gamut of emotions that I felt during Melbourne’s interminable Covid-19 lockdowns. It is a multiple exposure made up of 24 shots. Photograph: Paul Dodd

The Shepherd
This African man is part of a tribe of proud people that believe the Ankole cattle are a gift from their ancestors. They have a sacred duty to protect and care for them. The entire village life revolves around these impressive creatures. Photograph: Osama Elolemy

Brad and Harriet
As a parent, all you want is to be listened to. Photograph: Raoul Slater

Watching the Rising Ocean
Keeping a cautious eye on the consequences of the climate crisis. Photograph: Peter Rossi

Quiet Contemplation
A Vietnamese woman sits in the front room of her house looking towards the window light, quietly contemplating her afternoon. Photograph: Julian Elliott

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