These Portraits Reveal The Incredibly Humanlike Expressions Of A Variety Of Apes – Design You Trust

These Portraits Reveal The Incredibly Humanlike Expressions Of A Variety Of Apes


Through piercing eyes and finite facial details, the intimate photographs show the animals looking angry, sad, delighted and pensive. They are the works of Manuela Kulpa – an IT consultant and keen photographer from near Cologne, Germany – who shot the apes predominantly at zoos across Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.

Bonobo, Azibo

Manuela, 45, said, “Emotions like our own are mirrored in the faces of the apes – you really can believe what you see in their faces”.

Emperor tamarin, Anori

Drill, Okechukwu

Western lowland gorilla, Boma

Bornean Orangutan, Tuan

Southern pig-tailed macaque, Budiarto

Golden-faced sak,i Gustavol

Western lowland gorilla, Tumba

Bonobo, Clyde

Western lowland gorilla, Grace

Pygmy marmoset, Airo

Bornean Orangutan, Lea

Western lowland gorilla, Massa

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