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The Conceptual Portraits of Kyiv’s Youth by GORSAD Collective

Essentially, it’s become so simple and direct that youth subcultures from all over the world are getting their message out. Ukraine is one of the countries in the Eastern bloc that has become exciting and fascinating and these guys are offering us an intimate insider’s perspective on it, a type of grassroots media approach that the rest of Europe would otherwise have had to do without.

The GORSAD collective gained prominence not long after Ukraine went through one of their most difficult periods in modern history

GORSAD is the Kyiv-based trio of artists, Masha Romaniuk, Ulik Romaniuk, Vitya Vasyliev, specialised on alternative photography and provocative advertising. Gorsads works are mainly focused on youth, feelings and sexuality in all their peculiarities and oddities.

More: GORSAD, Instagram h/t: compulsivecontents

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