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“Fast & Curious”: Adorable Images Of Four-Legged Friends Who Are The World’s Fastest Dogs

The Saluki (42 Mph)

In a captivating fusion of photography and CGI, Alexander Khokhlov, a passionate pet photographer, has embarked on a remarkable seven-year journey. His mission? To capture not just the beauty of animals but also their distinctive personalities. In collaboration with Veronica Ershova in 2021, he undertook an ambitious project that goes beyond showcasing a dog’s emotions—it invents entirely new ones.

More: Alexander Khokhlov, Instagram, Behance h/t: boredpanda

The Whippet (35 Mph)

The concept, aptly named “Fast & Curious,” breathes life into four-legged protagonists, transforming them into racers, each with a unique personality. Alexander draws inspiration from his childhood fascination with cartoons like “Speed Racer” and “Biker Mice from Mars,” staying true to his love for cartoon-style portraits.

The Ibizan Hound (40 Mph)

Outfitting these canine racers with helmets posed a challenge, but it was a challenge met with creative solutions. They enlisted the expertise of CG artists, including Alexei Koler, Nikita Bulgakov, and the renowned POP Creative Studio from the UK.

The Greyhound (45 Mph)

To capture the essence of a racer, the team opted for classic scooter helmets as the foundation for their designs. Not only did these helmets offer comfort, but they also added a touch of old-school charm to the project. The meticulous process of designing each helmet was a focal point, with colors and elements inspired by the breed’s characteristics or country of origin intricately incorporated.

In this breathtaking marriage of photography and CGI, “Fast & Curious” brings to life the world of canine racing in a way that is as imaginative as it is captivating.

The Afghan Hound (40 Mph)

Idea and photography: Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova
CGI: Alexei Koler, Nikita Bulgakov, POP Creative Studio
Retouching: Veronica Ershova, POP Creative Studio

The Weimaraner (35 Mph)

Cirneco Dell’etna (26 Mph)

The Borzoi (40 Mph)

The Spanish Galgo (37 Mph)

Segugio Italiano (35 Mph)

The Pharaoh Hound (35 Mph)

The Chortai (30 Mph)

The Sloughi (42 Mph)

The Italian Greyhound (25 Mph)

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