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“Symbiosis Of Working And Living”: Claustrophobic Homes Of Beijing In Stunning Photographs By Alina Fedorenko

Alina Fedorenko is an professional photographer and traveler who was born in 1985 in Lviv, Ukraine and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Alina studied Fashion Design in London.

“After a few years in London I returned to Germany and changed focus. I reinvented myself and ultimately re-started from scratch my Studies, and quickly found a way to Photography”, she says.

On her first trip to India Fedorenko discovered her love and passion for photography. India inspired her work from the first moment and still shapes her work supplementary. In her latest photo series “Symbiosis Of Living And Working”, Alina Fedorenko explores the claustrophobic homes of Beijing.

“China’s cities are growing very fast. New high rises are replacing old small quarters and create space for the growing population. For small old traditional quarters is less space disposable. In Beijing´s old quarter named the Hutong area, people still live a life like many years ago. Where neighbours know each other and people come together in the narrow alleys, traditions and generations are passing the way of life. Surviving and living in this old quarters is not easy many people agreed to be relocated to high buildings, to have a proper sanitation system, which most of the houses in the Hutong area don´t have. Those who are left, have created a beautiful symbiosis of working and living in one at the small spaces of their disposal.

My work is focusing on houses where families living and working at small old areas which are left in the big cities of China, such as Beijing or Shanghai. Soon most of them will be gone, most of them will live like other Chinese in high rise buildings, isolated from their traditional environment. This is my personal fascination with the people of China, the way they arrange a Live in such a small space, try to survive without losing important traditions,” she wrote on her website.

More info: Alina Fedorenko, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

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