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Fascinating Photos of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, 1985


In 1985, Tina Turner was a global superstar, celebrated for her comeback album “Private Dancer” and her role alongside Mel Gibson in the hit film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.”

Turner, who played the role of Aunty Entity, a complex ruler, also had a significant off-screen impact. Mel Gibson, reflecting on his wild behavior during filming, recalled how Turner, concerned for him, sent a photograph urging him not to jeopardize the project.

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Tina Turner Mel Gibson 1

Turner, who had declined a role in Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple,” focused on ensuring Gibson’s concentration during the movie’s production. Her portrayal of Aunty Entity, a character embodying both hope and tyranny, marked her return to acting after a decade since the 1975 movie “Tommy,” earning her acclaim.

Tina Turner Mel Gibson 2

Director George Miller, captivated by Turner’s persona, cast her as Aunty Entity, a role he felt she was ideal for, despite initial doubts about her acceptance. Her involvement in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” came before the script was even completed, showcasing her significant influence in the film’s development.

Tina Turner Mel Gibson 3
Tina Turner Mel Gibson 4
Tina Turner Mel Gibson 6
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