Artist Illustrated What Would Happen If Famous Cartoon Characters Fused Together, And Here’s The Result

The Genie of the Lamp x Hellboy

According to Linda Bouderbala: “As a DBZ fan, my brother and I tried a thousand times to make a choreography of the fusion when we were kids… In vain.

Now I’m a grown-up, I can make all my favorite characters do it! The enjoyable part of this project is to find two really different characters and to imagine what would be the result of their fusion. Which physical characteristic will get the upper hand? How will their colors blend together?

I let you discover these new characters, but do you recognize them all?”

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Marge Simpson x Princess Bubblegum

The Grinch x Chewbacca

Lara Croft x Jynx

Panoramix x Dhalsim

Enchantress x Sailor Moon

Pinocchio x Groot

Sadness x Jessica Rabbit

Stitch x Marsupilami

Rapunzel x Celia Mae

Iago x A Minion

Poison Ivy x Cruella de Vil

The Joker x Pennywise

Wonder Woman x She-Ra

Captain Planet x Iron Man

Mr. Meeseeks x Baymax

Gizmo x Raving Rabbids

Harley Quinn x Alice in Wonderland

Leeloo x Betty Boop

Machamp x Darth Maul

Hit-Girl x Chun-Li

Brook x Ghost Rider

Sonic the Hedgehog x Blanka

Toad x The Sultan

Rick Sanchez x Inspector Gadget

Helga Pataki x Gally

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