Cartoonist’s Unique Take On Modern Life Will Leave You Asking For More

Ever wondered what art reimagined as fish would look like? Or what would cult classics be if they had post-modernist remakes? Most likely not, but a Canadian graphic designer is here to do it for you. John Atkinson, who features his work on his blog site Wrong Hands gives his unique take on everything random and wonderful.

John said: “Generally, I walk around the house trying to think of something funny. Then I have a nap. Then I bang my head against the wall. Once I think I’ve come up with something, I begin to sketch it out. About halfway through the process I realise it isn’t that funny after all and start over again.”

John’s illustrations include a wide range of topics – from lazy recipes to beak shapes of birds.

More: Wrong Hands h/t: irishnews

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