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Disney Characters ‘Humanimalized’: Artist Turns Animal Characters Into Humans And Humans Into Animals

Disney characters are distinct and special. They have their own style, aesthetic, and personal traits, which is why they’re so memorable. But let’s take a detour from the canon and ask ourselves “what if something was a little different about them?” What if, for example, Bambi was a human being, and Cruella de Vil was a dog herself? What would they look like then?

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Now you may wonder no more, as Alex Pick has concocted images that satisfy this peculiar interest. He has turned the animal characters to humans, and did the reverse to the human characters. The artist calls the series “Disney humanimals,” which is pretty self-explanatory.

The artist explained his motivation behind the series to Bored Panda. “It was an idea already for a very long time to transform the animals into humans and also the other way around! I like these switched roles and those kind of mashups,” he told us. If you like his work, you can check out his Instagram account apiccolodraws, which has 113k followers, and see more of his fun mashups, which include characters from Harry Potter and others.

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