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A Group of Artists Create an Amazing Project at The Merging of Photography and Cardboard Silhouettes


Visual artist Michal Zahornacky uses photography and the human form in his work. At the moment, he resides in Slovakia.

He usually encourages an artistic approach to every genre he focuses on as a photographer. He situates his art close to the boundary that separates fact from fiction. He has been motivated by subjects like identity, dynamics, customs, or the body in recent years.

More: Michal Zahornacky, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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Michal’s images are powerful and tightly concentrated, with few details suggesting a particular idea or feeling. The pieces highlight the beauty of his subject and provide structure thanks to his inventive use of light and shading. His fascination with the human body serves as the inspiration for the photos. The photography teases the spectator’s expectations, allowing them to ponder or just take it all in.

“Kartoon is an imaginary world where creativity meets a distinctive and playful style of drawn images. Cardboard forms create a unique and fantastical realm where, in conjunction with the human figure, they generate illusions and transform the very essence of what we consider real.”

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Creative Collaboration between Michal Zahornacky, Aneta Hrenáková, Patrícia Potáčová, NIKITA.

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