Turn Your Cats Into Furry Train Conductors With Colorful Cardboard Trains

Thanks to Japanese retailer Felissimo, however, even cats will get to pretend-travel distances far and wide in fancy cardboard trains!

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This train for felines doubles as a house and a cardboard scratcher and comes in blue, red, and black. It can easily accommodate a 6.5-kilogram (14-pound) cat, and comes with adorable accessories to give the furry travelers an authentic train-riding experience. Cats who really want to dig deep into the experience can even put on a train conductor’s hat and ride into a make-believe station, for which a sign also comes with the package.

What’s great about it being made of cardboard is that it also acts as a cardboard scratcher for the cats, so it’s not only cute but practical. There are loads of other ways a cat can make use of the trains, like poke its paws through the various holes or climb on top. The trains are probably ideal for cat owners with more than one feline in the house, since Felissimo offers all three colors as a 3-month subscription-style service where one arrives each month.

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