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Forbidden Toys: Digital Artist “Creates” Bizarre Toys That Were Never Made


Rosemberg, a digital artist from Spain, has created a project on Instagram called “Forbidden Toys.”

In this project, he imagines a wide variety of strange and provocative toys that he would create in a different universe, one in which he would not be arrested for his acts.

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[image] 290063
[image] 613142
[image] 947059
[image] 1039644
[image] 1320592
[image] 2054508
[image] 2262959
[image] 2355698
[image] 3022592
[image] 3073555
[image] 3161385
[image] 3229426
[image] 3260850
[image] 3615622
[image] 3823229
[image] 4278691
[image] 4284955
[image] 4378630
[image] 4386175
[image] 5078545
[image] 5761918
[image] 5791674
[image] 5857112
[image] 6012721
[image] 6594834
[image] 6606304
[image] 7612943
[image] 7699550
[image] 7971937
[image] 8518517
[image] 8528952
[image] 8560024
[image] 8583993
[image] 8659995
[image] 8702489
[image] 8833791
[image] 9035202
[image] 9655940
[image] 9692381
[image] 9809590

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